We pride ourselves on our work, especially the flagship service on which we’ve built Veterans Lawn Maintenance LLC – lawn mowing. With Veterans Lawn Maintenance, a lush green yard will be the last thing on your mind, but the first thing you notice when you arrive every day.

All-inclusive lawn mowing service
Performed at every service visit:

~Mowing all turf areas
~Edging against all concrete surfaces
~String trimmer used in areas a mower can’t go and to keep a crisp divide on landscape beds
~Blowing all surfaces where lawn clippings are undesired

Spruced landscape program
This once-a-year service includes:

~Prune ornamental shrubs and trees
~Clean beds of weeds and debris
~Edge landscape beds for defined area
~Application of pre-emergent herbicide to keep landscape weed free for a clean, beautiful yard
~Apply mulch for plant health, future weed control, and that final touch

Growing season plant bed care:
This continual maintenance program includes:

~Perfect maintenance plan after the initial spruced landscape program
~Keeps plant beds free of weeds in your entire yard all growing season

Ornamental tree and shrub pruning:
This incremental service includes:

~Providing your ornamental trees and shrubs with the proper pruning care needed for health, vigor, and optimum aesthetic appearance. To maintain proper tree and shrub health and appeal, these services are performed twice per year
~Depending on desired performance, this service may be bundled with our season plant bed care program to ensure your landscape is kept tidy all year long

Residential Yard Services:

-Maintain Property

-Mowing Grass

-Caring of Tree & Shrubs


-Designing & Installing

-Controlling Weeds

-Removing Leaves

-Caring for flower beds